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There are times when you wish to get an unforgettable high and feel like you are on cloud nine to spur extraordinary creativity and feel super energetic. If you have experienced any of these feelings, you will know what we mean. If you haven’t and really wish to get stoned to experience this, then here are some common sativa strains to help you achieve it. In this post, we will not only tell you about those strains and explain their effect but also tell you how you order them from an online dispensary in Canada.

OG Kush
Source: I Love Growing Marijuana

OG Kush

When talking about cannabis with fellow Canadians, almost immediately comes to mind sativa strains and OG Kush, even though its origins are not clearly known to the breeders. Despite this, the medical and recreational benefits have made this strain one of the most popular of all. There’s a popular myth that says OG Kush was parented by Chemdawg and the Hindu Kush, however, there are no evidence to verify these claims. Apparently, those two strains passed on their bud structure to OG Kush, but this myth cannot be fully relied on.

The thing that marijuana users in Canada mostly like about OG Kush is the kind of euphoria it provides. It also has a plethora of health benefits and several patients have reported improvements in the case of migraines, stress, and ADHD. If you take into consideration the taste and aroma of this sativa strain, it sports a lemon and earthy pine scent, along with woody flavors that gives it a unique characteristic. You can get the strain from most online stores located in Canada like

Jack Herer Strain
Source: Sensi Seeds

Jack Herer

The next strain on our list is Jack Herer and it derives its name from the popular author and cannabis activists. The buds are thick with clear trichomes, and they look sugar-frosted on the outside. The scent is citrus and spicy pine, with a dash of pepper punch. The smoke produced from this strain is soft and tastes almost similar to the smell. It leaves the palate with a pleasant and spicy aftertaste. After the legalization of cannabis in Canada, the strain became more popular and you can find them on any online dispensary.

This is a powerful strain that is capable of capturing the cerebral elevation which is common in most of the sativas. It also provides the user with a euphoric high along with a burst of creativity. Reports have it that the Jack Herer strain was first created in the 90s in the Netherlands, where it also won various awards. It is highly praised for its super potency and top-notch quality, plus it is best cultivated in the sunny Mediterranean climates. It has a 50 to 70 days flowering time.

Bruce Banner

The next most popular sativa strain in our list is Bruce Banner, which is named after the imaginary human alter-ego of the famous movie The Incredible Hulk. This strain has a composition of 29 percent THC. This is a hybrid that contains 60% of sativa and 40% of Indica. The strain has a spicy and lemony aroma, and the effect is almost immediate, as the Bruce Banner is highly potent. It is one of the best strains available online in Canada.

The plant is capable of producing heavy buds, just like Hulk, but the growers recommend that these plants are kept away from rain during the flowering stage. So, this plant is either grown indoors or in a place that a proper greenhouse effect. The flowering time for the plant is 9-10 weeks. Although you can find them on any online dispensary, always get a small sample first before you try more.

Super Sour Diesel

Here’s another sativa strain that has been highly appreciated with its potency of helping people get a high. This 85/15 strain has THC levels which may reach up to 24 percent. We love the fact that this strain comes with the ability to relieve pain and provide a burst of energy. This strain also proves to be extremely taxing for experienced smokers due to its strong cerebral effects, resulting from high THC value.

The plant is characterized by milky trichomes, orange hairs, and light-green buds. It attracts users with its alluring pungent pine aroma. With a sudden burst of energy, you may expect a euphoric high and boost in creativity spirits. Patients turn to this strain to help them get relief from chronic pain. As an added bonus, a few drops in the eyes are also known to help with dryness. While these strains can be easily found on any Canadian dispensary online, as always, it is recommended you always try a small dose first before deciding the dosage.

Ghost Train Haze

Ghost Train Haze Strain
Source: Herb

This is another heavyweight and effective strain in the cannabis world and the ghost train comprises of about 70% Sativa and 30% Indica hybrid. Even with the high THC influence, the Ghost Train Haze strain has a light fruity flavor and a pleasant scent that can give you an instant high. So, if you want to experience a feeling of euphoria almost immediately then you know which strain to choose.

The Ghost Train Haze is known to produce dense and frosty buds, and these buds should be kept away from the rain at the time of flowering stage. When cultivated indoors, the yield can be 600 grams per square meter and in the outdoor yield, it can be one kilogram per plant. The flowering time for the plant is 8-9 weeks.

Green Crack

Green Crack Strain
Source: Weed Maps

Green Crack strain is yet another popular Sativa strain in Canada and it is basically derived from the two genetic varieties. It actually comes from Skunk1 and the Indica’s origins. The physical traits of the plant include buds with sweet tropical flavour, tight buds and bright orange hairs. When you lack energy, taking this strain can give you a good burst of energy that can help you make through the toughest days.

When there’s a boring task ahead of you and you need that boost to be able to spur your creativity, then we recommend you simply choose this Sativa strain. With its high levels of energy, this strain proves to be suitable for daytime only. According to the reports by real users, it is known to reduce stress and improve appetite. As always, make sure you get your strains only from reputable professionals in Canada that maintain a high-quality online dispensary.