Obama Kush


·         Type: Indica hybrid

·         Genetics: OG Kush and Afghani

·         Aroma: Pine and nutty aroma

·         THC: 15-21%

·         Appearance: Has reddish orange pistils with purple hues and heavy trichomes

·         Effects: A creative and uplifted state of mind

·         Heals: Spinal pain, ADD and migraines

·         High duration: Around 2 hours



Buy Obama Kush Online-Order Obama kush online .Obama Kush is an Indica based hybrid marijuana strain and is a quite

demanding one among the experienced stoners. It has been basically derived from the cross of OG Kush and an Afghani strain.

This strain contains the THC composition level up to 15-21%.  It has some piney and nutty aroma. The buds of this strain have

some reddish orange pistils with purple hues and heavy trichomes.

This strain has such a strong THC potent that it can leave you towards a creative and uplifted state of mind. This strain can also

be quite effective to heal spinal pain, ADD/ADHD, and migraine. This strain is much capable to let you have an intense quality

body high. It allows the stoners to have a high of around 2 hours.




Obama Kush is much known for its intense quality cerebral head high and that can lead you towards a euphoric and uplifted

state of mind. This strain is highly sedative and we recommend you to have this in the night time for the best possible


Due to the high rate of THC, this strain may cause unexpected cerebral effects and some sort of mental relaxation too. This

strain can also make you feel drowsy and a bit lazy but at the same time allows you a focused and mentally engaged state.


Though this strain is much popular for its recreational use, it can also be quite effective for various medical purposes too.

  • If you are suffering from the spinal pain, this strain can be a quite effective herbal remedy for you.
  • This strain can be great for those who are suffering from ADD/ADHD, migraines and such other medical problems.
  • Like all other strains, it can also help you to increase your appetite.

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