Master Kush


·         Type: Indica

·         Aroma: Sweet and skunky, kush-like aroma

·         Genetics: Hindu Kush and Skunk

·         Appearance: Dense light green colored buds with heavily covered trichomes along with red and orange hairs

·         Effects: A balanced body high and head high, allows a creative state of mind

·         Heals: Insomnia, pain, appetite disorder, depression, and migraine.

·         THC: 18-21%

·         High duration: More than 2 hours

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Buy Master Kush online-Order Master Kush online .Master Kush is a highly demanding Indica based hybrid strain and is quite

popular among the stoners. This is a potent Indica strain that allows a heavy-bodies effect. It is much known for the happy,

euphoric and sedative experience and is an iconic  Indica based strain.

This strain has a 90% Indica lineage and the THC composition can reach up to 20% on an average and that makes this strain a

stronger one among the medical strains. It has been derived from the cross of Hindu Kush and Skunk. Master Kush has won

two Cannabis Cup awards and also won multiple High Times Cannabis Cup awards. This strain was designed in the

Netherlands and is a much popular strain there. Besides, it is also a demanding one on the West Coast of the United States. It

has a sweet and skunky, kush-like aroma. It allows you to have a good sleep and leads you towards a euphoric and relaxed

mindset. It can also be quite effective to heal insomnia, pain, appetite disorder, depression, and migraine.

This strain is a perfect choice for those who are hoping for a robust aroma. The scent and aroma of this strain are often

described as pungent and hashy.


Master Kush is an excellent choice for those who are looking for a long lasting high. This strain is much known for providing a quality body high that continues for a couple of hours. It also allows you to have a deep, relaxing experience. It can easily lead any stoner to a spacey dreamland. Buy Master Kush online-Order Master Kush online.

We prefer this strain to consume in the night time for the best possible result as this one is a highly sedative strain. You can have this strain to enjoy a lazy weekend. If you are an experienced one then you would definitely have some ready food as it may cause a craving for the snacks in the middle of the high.


Besides the recreational purpose, this strain can also be used for various medical purposes too.

  • If you are going through the sleepless nights, this strain is the perfect herbal remedy for you.
  • This strain can also be quite effective to heal pain, depression and lack of appetite.

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