Kosher Kush


·         Type: Indica

·         Aroma: has a dank and musky smell with a sweet undertone

·         THC: 22-25%

·         Heals: Insomnia, appetite disorder, and stomach pain

·         Appearance: Has thick dense buds of light green to dark green color with nice trichomes coating all over it.

·         Effects: Cerebral high and balanced body buzz

·         High duration: 1.5 hours

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Kosher Kush is a heavy hitting indica that is fast acting and very potent. This beautiful strain has a well-deserved reputation for being a solid smoke.  Healing many minor and chronic ailments, and providing you with a thoroughly enjoyable lifted mood that will allow you to sink into the nearest couch while suppressing the giggles. When you Buy Kosher kush online from us be rest assure of top quality weed.

Also, Kosher Kush is a potent pure indica that hails from the sunny coasts of California, where it was bred into perfection by DNA Genetics. Its exact heritage is unknown, but this famed indica has bagged many significant awards, most notably best indica at the 2010 and 2011 High Times Cannabis Cup.

However, though its exact lineage isn’t known, it is believed that Kosher Kush is an indica cross with roots stemming from the top-notch strain OG Kush. Its highly sedative effects makes this strain a favorite among insomniacs, as it is very effective in aiding you into a night of restful sleep, while triggering a lighthearted mood and consequently some fits of laughter as an added bonus. looking for where to Buy Kosher kush online , looks no further than us.


Kosher Kush is a fast-acting flower that stirs up strong euphoric feelings, and is guaranteed to induce a major couch lock, even in more experienced users. This pure indica is great as a nighttime smoke, making you feel instantly relaxed and invigorated both cerebrally and physically.



Due to the high potent of THC, this strain can hit you hard. It will give you a pretty giggling and heavy eyelids experience. This

strain is much capable to let you have a happy, euphoric and uplifted state of mind. This strain is highly sedative and allows you

a good sleepy atmosphere. That’s why; most of the stoners prefer to have it in the night time. This strain can make you feel like

your body is being pulled into the ground and also allows you a positive mindset.


Kosher Kush has numerous medical benefits as well as the recreational benefits and that makes it popular among the stoners.

  • It allows you to have a good physical relaxation and is also a perfect remedy for severe muscle pain.
  • Besides pain reliever, it can also be a great remedy for insomnia, appetite disorder, and stomach problems

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