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  • Type: Cannabis oil cartridge
  • Genetics: Blueberry and OG Kush
  • THC 78.3%, CBD 0.28%
  • Taste: Berry and earthy
  • Effects: Happy, relaxed, and euphoric
  • Heals: Stress, pain, and insomnia


Blueberry Kush Cannabis Oil is one of the most demanding marijuana oil cartridges available in the market. It is a strongly

Indica leaning cannabis product and has been derived from the cross of two legendary strains Blueberry and OG Kush. This

cannabis oil cartridge contains around 78.3% of THC composition along with some 0.28% of CBD composition on an average. It

has some sweet berry-like earthy aroma.

This oil cartridge allows you a heavy body sensation and that leads you towards a perfect relief from severe pain along with a

complete relaxing mindset. Due to the strong Indica lineage, this cannabis oil product is highly sedative and most of the experienced cannabis consumers prefer it to use in the evening or in the night-time for experiencing the best possible result of this cannabis oil.


Vaporizing is an innovative way for cannabis consumption and is widely popular among the new-aged stoners. Blue Berry Cannabis Oil cartridge offers you a convenient and discreet way to enjoy concentrated cannabinoids in your body. Unlike inhaling the combusted plants, this innovative process offers you the vapor consumption with the help of a battery powered heating tool. It takes just seconds to pull the material from the cartridge and then exhales softly in the air.


Blue Berry Cannabis Oil contains some strong Indica lineage and just like any other Indica linked cannabis products, this oil also offers a wide variety of medical benefits.

  • If you are going through the long-term sleepless nights, this oil can be highly effective for you and will let you have a good sleeping atmosphere.
  • This one can also heal severe pain and a mild or moderate case of stress and depression.
  • Besides, due to the high THC composition, this strain can be pretty effective for those medical problems that require high THC potent

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