Blue Dream Rosin


Short Description

  • Type: Sativa dominant rosin
  • Genetics: Blueberry and Haze
  • THC 55%
  • Aroma: Berry-like aroma with a peppery undertone
  • Appearance: Solid form of resin
  • Effects: Uplifted and euphoric
  • Heals: Nausea, depression, severe pain.


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Blue Dream Rosin is quite demanding Sativa dominant hybrid rosin and is much popular among the regular cannabis consumers. This one is solvent-free rosin and is mostly used in the West Coast. It has been basically derived from the cross of Blueberry and Haze. The rosin form of Blue Dream contains approximately 55% of THC composition on an average and that may be a little higher or the novice consumers.

It allows you a full body relaxation along with a gentle cerebral invigoration and also allows you a gentle and calm euphoric mindset. Blue Dream Rosin is basically the solid form of resin that has been obtained by adding pressure and heat to vaporize volatile liquid terpenes. You can also use your hair straightener for a small amount of rosin. It has some berry-like aroma with some peppery undertone. This rosin delivers you a swift relief without any sedative effect. This one is a day-time rosin that most of the medical marijuana patients use to heal pain, depression, nausea, and other similar medical problems.


Blue Dream is one of the most popular hybrid marijuana strains and is quite demanding among the experienced stoners. It’s pretty difficult to find a hybrid strain that is even comparable with this strain. The 17-24% of THC composition allows the smokers to have a perfect balance of a quality cerebral high and an intense body relaxation.

You can find different forms of this Blue Dream strain available in the market. You can find Blue Dream Oil Pens, Blue Dream Shatter, Blue Dream Budder and other Blue Dream concentrates.


Like all other hybrid marijuana strains, Blue Dream also offers a wide variety of medical marijuana remedy for those who are using this for the medical purpose.

  • This strain is a perfect day-time pain reliever and also allows a relief from depression, stress, and anxiety.
  • It can also be quite effective to heal arthritis, PTSD, and other bipolar disorder.

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