Blackberry Kush


Short Description

  • Type: Indica dominant hybrid
  • Lineage: Blackberry and Afghani
  • THC: 14-20%
  • Appearance: Has some dense dark green colored buds with thick trichomes coating and orange pistils.
  • Aroma: Fuel, berry and spicy aroma
  • Effects: Lazy and mellow body buzz
  • Heals: Insomnia, pain and appetite disorder
  • High duration: Around 1-2 hours


Buy Blackberry Kush online-Order marijuana online.   Blackberry Kush is a much popular Indica dominant hybrid marijuana strain and is quite demanding among the experienced cannabis consumers. It has been basically derived from the skilled cross of Blackberry and Afghani. The buds of this strain have the color hue from dark green, purple, yellow to black. It has some dense buds with a thick layer of trichome coating and some thin red hairs all over the buds. It has some fuel, berry and spicy aroma. Buy Blackberry Kush online-Order marijuana online

The THC composition of this strain is around 14-20% and that is quite effective to let you have a strong couchlock body high. It

also provides you with a powerful euphoric feeling of happiness and elevated mood. You can face some adverse effects with this

strain like bloodshot eyes, dizziness, headache and some occasional anxiety.

This Indica based hybrid strain can be a great choice for you if you are suffering from insomnia and chronic pain. Just like all

other Indica based strains, this one is also preferred to have in the night-time by our experienced cannabis consumers. This

strain is highly sedative in nature and has the capability to cope with stress, nervousness, and anxiety.

There is a confusion regarding the genetics of this strain. Most of the experienced stoners say that this has been derived from

the cross of Afghani and Blackberry, while some other experts argue that it is the combination of Afghani and DJ Short



Being an Indica dominant strain, Blackberry Kush is highly sedative in nature and can let you have a good sleepy ambiance. For this, most of the experienced stoners prefer to have this strain in the night-time to enjoy the best possible result. It allows a stoner to have a mellow body buzz and a euphoric cerebral high. This strain can also make you feel lazy and relaxing. Some of the stoners reported having some dizziness and dried eyes and mouth for this strain.


Just like all other Indica based strains, Blackberry Kush is also quite effective to let you have a perfect relief from various medical problems. Buy Blackberry Kush online-Order marijuana online

  • If you are suffering from a long-term sleepless night, this strain can be quite effective for you.
  • People, who face severe appetite disorder, can use this strain to stimulate their appetite.
  • It can also be quite effective to heal chronic pain, arthritis, and such other medical problems.

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