Short Description

  • A pure Indica marijuana strain
  • Comes with an earthy, floral and pungent aroma
  • Contains 16-20% THC and 1% CBD
  • Allows a good body high and euphoric mindset
  • Cures chronic pain, depression, insomnia, appetite disorder and ADD/ADHD
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Afghan is a very popular Indica heritage strain that delivers a heavy-bodied high. It forms large, fragrant buds known for their happy, relaxed effect.  Its high resin content makes it a go-to choice for the stressed-out person looking to unwind. Users report feeling strong body highs, as well as feeling sedated yet euphoric, while growers boast that it’s a very easy strain to grow, even for beginners. Looking for where to Buy Afghani online looks no further than us .

Afghan Strain Origins

Over the centuries, this strain has been developed, redeveloped and perfected to create one of the most relaxing strains on the market. Thus the ultimate source for sticky black Afghani hash, charas, and other hashish. Afghan Kush buds develop into huge flowers, with really nice buds filled with powerful resin. When you Buy Afghani online fromus be rest assure of top quality weed.

Furhtermore ,the strain contains 16-20% of THC composition and 1% of CBD composition. It allows an intense good high and a euphoric mindset. This strain is also pretty effective to heal chronic pain, depression, insomnia, loss of appetite and ADD/ADHD symptoms.

Growing Afghan Seeds

This strain is typically easy to grow, even for beginners. That’s because the seeds of Afghan strains are descended from plants that grow in mountainous areas, making them highly resilient. The Afghan strain is known for its ability to adapt to changing environments.


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